Our verdict of the HTC Vive Wireless Adaptor:This is how VR should be, but cutting-edge technology comes at a price. Unless you have the room to take advantage of it, you might be better off saving for a next generation headset. 910 Finally: wireless, high fidelity wireless VR is here. And it’s amazing. The HTC

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If you want to project (or “cast”) your computer screen to a TV, second monitor, or projector, an HDMI (or alternative) cable has been the go-to choice for the past decade. But times are changing. HDMI technology was designed in 2002. It quickly grew in popularity, with five million compliant devices sold in 2004, 17.4

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A keyboard and mouse go together like peanut butter and jelly. And instead of having to search far and wide to make two separate purchases, there are a number of different wireless mouse and keyboard combos available on the market. The wireless keyboard and mouse combination will help you work or play without having to

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It might be old news for Android users, but the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 series have brought wireless charging to Apple fans. What’s more, there is finally one wireless standard we can all get behind. Which means you can safely buy a future-proof wireless charger that will work with all devices. Apple’s phones

If E3 has you excited to get back into gaming, then the 30% off Sony’s wireless PlayStation headset is likely to pique your interest. More of a Game of Thrones fan? The Blu-ray collection is on offer, alongside a companion book by George R.R. Martin himself detailing the history of Westeros. Plus some ludicrously cheap

When you want to add wireless networking capability to your computer, you have two options: a PCI-e network adapter or a USB wireless solution. USB wireless adapters are small, portable, and cheap, but does that mean they’re better? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each. PCI-e Wireless Adapters: More Power, Less