Apple Releases Free Audiobooks Read by Celebrities

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Apple has released six exclusive audiobooks just for Apple Books users. Five are classic titles newly narrated by celebrities, while the sixth is a collection of Winnie the Pooh stories as told in the style of Disney. All of them are available for free.

Apple Books is Apple’s all-encompassing digital bookstore. You can add your existing eBooks, buy new eBooks, and also buy audiobooks to listen to on the go. Apple gave Apple Books a fresh lick of paint for iOS 12, and the company is now giving freebies away.

Download Free Audiobooks From Apple Books

The six free audiobooks on offer from Apple Books are:

The first five are all absolute classics, and recommended reading, or in this case, listening. As with most audiobooks the choice of narrator is crucial, and Beckinsale, Grammer, and Burgess in particular all do a cracking job of bringing the stories to life.

The one disappointment is Winnie the Pooh. This isn’t the original collection of stories as released by Milne himself. Instead, they’re three new stories written in a similar style to Milne, but with a layer of Disney’s style sprinkled on top. Still, it is free.

Can Apple Books Ever Rival Audible?

While Audible is the market leader for audiobooks, Apple clearly has ambitions to rival the Amazon-owned entity. And perks such as giving Apple Books users free audiobooks to enjoy may just help convince more Apple fans to give Apple Books a try.

If you’re switching from Audible to Apple Books in the near future then check out our guide detailing how to cancel Audible. And once you’re all set up and running with Apple Books be sure to check out our list of essential Apple Books tips.

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