Did you know that when you take a photo, you aren’t just taking a photo? The resulting JPG or RAW file actually contains more information than the simple bits and pixels that make up the scene you shot — this extra bit of information is called EXIF data. EXIF data (Exchangeable Image File) can include things like the make

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If you could go back in time and undo some of the dumb financial decisions you made when you were younger, would you? I wish I was taught about intelligently handling money when I was a kid. You can teach your kids about finance and help them get started on the right foot! While it

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If your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders, your first thought might be to reach for a cup of coffee or a Red Bull. But there are some serious drawbacks to relying on caffeine for a brain boost. It’s only temporary, it usually results in a crash, and it can be pretty expensive in the

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Google brings Fiber to home phones, SoundCloud Go competes with Spotify, Instagram lets you record 60-second videos, Waze warns against speeding, and Smell Dating is as gross as it sounds. Google Fiber Launches a Phone Service Google has launched a home telephone service called Fiber Home, which, for $ 10-a-month, offers unlimited calls within the

We all need money. Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but having enough money can most certainly save a ton of stress. No matter how much you make, there are ways you can be smarter with your money. There are certain lifestyle changes you can make that will help you spend less and save more. Check

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Your favorite social networks have specific signature layouts; Facebook’s timeline is bracketed by a bunch of menu options and trending topics; Twitter’s feed is augmented by suggestions and popular hashtags; and Pinterest includes a number of pieces of information with each pin, like captions and the number of repins. But what if you don’t like