If you want to edit video, mine cryptocurrency, or play video games, you need a graphics processing unit (GPU). The trouble is, there are a lot of GPUs on the market. Some cost a fortune, too. How do you discern how much to pay for a GPU that suits what you want to do? In

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Flagship smartphones have been rapidly adopting more experimental technologies to stand out from the competition. But while those advancements have opened several new opportunities for what phones are capable of, they’ve also significantly pushed up prices. Fortunately, developments at the budget end are still primarily focused on offering more for less. So today, spending around

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A few years ago, finding a decent gaming headset under $ 100 was tough. At best, you’d have to sacrifice tons of features and sound quality for an uncomfortable hunk of junk. But now there are all kinds of headsets for gamers on a budget, and many of them aren’t that bad—much better than what

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Roku has launched two new devices, and they both provide 4K streaming for those on a budget. The Premiere and Premiere+ are tiny streaming players that boast both 4K and HDR capabilities. Which means you can finally take advantage of your new 4K TV. Roku Launches Even More New Hardware This time last year Roku

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Smart home appliances are more popular than ever. The Internet of Things (IoT) unifies everything from lighting to full security systems. Once separate systems, many things in the home are now controllable from a smartphone. As a new technology, some elements of home automation do not come cheap. However, with a DIY attitude and some

With tens of millions of users and countless properties to choose from, Airbnb really is incredible. But as far as vacation rental websites go, it’s not perfect. You might want to look at a few Airbnb alternatives for these reasons: All the properties in your budget might be booked. You may not find what you’re looking