Conditional formatting in spreadsheets is a terrific feature that makes your data stand out. You simply place conditions around the values in a cell or group of cells. When those conditions are met, you can automatically have the cell highlighted, the text formatted, or both. This makes specific data pop. If you would like to

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Whether you’re new to Slack or have been using it for years, there are some useful settings and tools that are worth using for customization and decluttering to ensure you get the most out of the communication platform. Tips for Decluttering Slack Keeping up with a busy Slack group can get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly.

If you often write HTML in an editor and then paste into WordPress, you’ll notice that sometimes annoying formatting tags (like <span> tags) are added. Using simple shell scripts, you can automatically clean up that garbage HTML formatting with a few simple commands. Why use shell scripting? If you’re new to programming, it’s much, much

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Microsoft Excel is a vibrant tool that is used for both business and personal tasks. One robust feature is called conditional formatting. This feature can come in handy for everyday situations as well as work-related ones. But, it can also be overwhelming if you have never used it. Here are some general uses for conditional formatting,

Are you struggling with font sizes or formatting in Outlook? There are few things more frustrating than choosing a particular font for an important email, only to find that it doesn’t look exactly as you intended once it reaches its recipient. Outlook 2016 bears a few quirks when it comes to formatting and layout, and they

Here’s everything you need to know about making your charts attractive and engaging in Excel 2016. Just about everyone knows how to make a basic chart in Excel — but making it look good requires a bit of extra knowledge. You can make use of a bevy of different customization options pertaining to all elements of your

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