The PDF format is generally reserved for the “final draft” of any given document. But what happens when you need to make a last-minute change? That’s when PDF Converter OCR 6 for Mac becomes really useful. This advanced app lets you edit any PDF just like a Word document, and search through the text. It

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Pregnant mothers haven’t had many recent technology breakthroughs that let them better track their baby’s development over time. Using virtual reality, VRFetus has an exciting new way for expecting mothers to see their unborn child like never before, and we checked it out at CES 2019. The tool takes a standard ultrasound image and uses

While the idea of having a best friend you do everything with is more associated with childhood, there’s no denying friends come in many forms. You may have close friends, friends you just occasionally hang out, work friends, and even friends with benefits. Plenty of social networks have tried to help us organize our friends

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If you have an old phone lying around doing nothing you can now sell it on eBay in an instant. The whole process is designed to take a matter of minutes, with eBay doing most of the hard work. This is all thanks to a new program called eBay Instant Selling. Selling Your Old Smartphone

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Sony is finally going to let PlayStation owners change their PSN IDs, and it has only taken 12 years of begging to make it happen. This means people stuck with the same PSN ID they chose in 2006 will finally be able to change it to something more mature. Creating a PSN ID to Last

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Perhaps the biggest hurdle for any first-time entrepreneur is finding funding for your venture. Bizplan Premium is a platform that makes it easy to create a business plan that will impress investors. The app provides loads of great templates and customization options, and lifetime subscriptions are now only $ 49 at MakeUseOf Deals. The Bizplan