Nvidia has a new gizmo to make PC gamers sit up and take notice. It’s called the Big Format Gaming Display (or BFGD for short). But is this new type of TV actually an innovation or just some marketing gimmick? Nvidia Doesn’t Make BFGD TVs, It’s a Standard The first thing you should know is

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to cut the cord or just adding an extra way of consuming content into your living room setup, you’re sure to find lots of set-top boxes and streaming sticks vying for your attention. The field can increasingly be boiled down into the “big five.” They are Roku, Android TV,

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When it comes to choosing a fast graphics card, there are two main options: AMD and Nvidia. There are a number of factors that set them apart, and this is doubly so on Linux. On Windows, speed is the only thing that matters — Nvidia GPUs (graphical processing unit) tend to be faster than AMD.

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For the money, Nvidia produces the best graphics cards (GPU) around. But you need to build a computer to put the GPU in. And that can get expensive. Fortunately, we’ve covered the best ways to keep computer building costs down and more. We’ll start with doing a bit of research, discuss overclocking, then move on

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