You’ve spent years talking about how you wanted to write a novel. It’s time to finally make that happen, with the help of a few apps that show you how to get started, keep going, and break the book into achievable goals. These apps and sites attack different aspects of writing. Some focus on forming

Chances are that you rely on Google Maps for nearly all your navigation needs. While Google Maps is great at looking up local places, did you know it’s also an excellent trip and vacation planner? We have nine great tips to help get the most out of Google Maps when planning (and during) trips. This

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The trick to a great trip is a little bit of planning. You don’t need every second of your schedule to be filled with activities. But you don’t want to come back from your trip and find out that you missed a must-see attraction. Between sites that make the whole itinerary for you to apps

Family vacations, week-long getaways, and spur of the moment excursions can cost a lot. So why spend money on a travel app when you can organize those trips for free? With these free Windows apps, you can plan your next adventure from start to finish. And you can save your hard-earned cash for where it