You know how it goes: you’re browsing the web, or checking an email, when all of a sudden a message pops up. Your computer, and the data on it, is locked—encrypted by ransomware. Access is denied until you pay the ransom. Most people know the procedure with ransomware, which is why the criminal coders behind

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A massive cyberattack has struck computers around the globe. Have you been affected by the highly virulent self-replicating ransomware? If not, how can you protect your data without paying the ransom? Read the full article: How to Protect Against the Massive Global Ransomware Attack MakeUseOf

You’re concerned about ransomware, but don’t know how to protect yourself. Don’t worry, just follow these five steps to avoid your data being hijacked and put to ransom. Just in case you’ve somehow ignored (or are unaware of) the threat from ransomware, it’s time to get up to speed. Ransomware is a form of malicious software,

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Ransomware is nasty. This especially invasive form of malware encrypts your files and demands a ridiculous sum to get them back, essentially holding your computer at ransom. It’s awful, but thankfully, you can combat it. Malware isn’t as much of a problem on Mac as on Windows, but it’s not unheard of to run into security

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Ransomware is on the rise. Cybercriminals have upped the stakes in the battle for your data, introducing swathes of advanced malware designed to encrypt your personal data. Their ultimate goal is to extort money from you. Unless their demands are met, your encrypted files will remain out of reach. Unavailable. Lost. Attacks on individuals are

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Ransomware evolves with crypto-currency, Microsoft Edge intelligently pauses flash, Firefox add-ons vulnerable to new attack, Vivaldi 1.0 released, and mainstream media doesn’t understand eSports. Ransomware Evolution is Really Bad News There’s a new breed of ransomware doing the rounds, and it’s creating havoc for businesses. Mostly these incidents have begun when a hapless employee has