One of the advantages of using WordPress is its sheer flexibility. It’s not just for posts and pages: custom post types can extend the core features to virtually anything. Let’s take a look today at what you could do with custom post types, as well as a quick practical example of how to create an

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Wireless security is extremely important. The vast majority of us connect a mobile device to a router at some point during each day, be that smartphone, tablet, laptop, or otherwise. Furthermore, Internet of Things devices connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. They’re always on, always listening, and always in dire need of additional security. That’s

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Just like human viruses, computer viruses come in many forms and can affect your machine in different ways. Obviously, your computer isn’t going to spend a week in bed and need a course of antibiotics, but a severe infection can wreak havoc on your system. They can delete your files, steal your data, and easily

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You’ve probably watched a lot of YouTube videos over the years. You will have seen plenty of ads, plus unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, music videos, and reaction videos. Amongst others. But what if you want to switch from merely watching YouTube videos to making YouTube videos? If you want to start a YouTube channel today,

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Keeping your downloads folder organized can be a hassle, but there are a few automated ways to keep the mess under control. You can automatically delete files older than 30 days, and you can save files to specific folders based on file type. We’ll show you how to do the latter in this article. How

You know how it goes: you’re browsing the web, or checking an email, when all of a sudden a message pops up. Your computer, and the data on it, is locked—encrypted by ransomware. Access is denied until you pay the ransom. Most people know the procedure with ransomware, which is why the criminal coders behind

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