Get Crafty: Save $150 on the Cricut Maker 3

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We've said it before at here at MUO; the Cricut Maker 3 is the ultimate weapon in the crafter's arsenal. Whether you craft as a hobby, or you have your own business selling products you have crafted yourself, the Cricut Maker should be at your side. Or on the crafting table in front of you.

Either way, Cricut has a treat in store…

Get $ 150 Off the Price of a Cricut Maker 3

That's right, hobbyists. Cricut not only supplies you with the best smart cutting machine on the market, it is giving you a massive $ 150 discount when you buy the Cricut Maker 3, dubbed my MakeUseOf as "the ultimate craft tool."

The discount is available now and runs until Tuesday, September 28th, so you've got time to take advantage of this excellent deal; this is this biggest discount that Cricut has applied to the maker 3 yet, so will prove popular.

To benefit from the temporary $ 249 price tag, simply head to the store page and head straight to the checkout.

What Is the Cricut Maker 3?

The Cricut Maker 3 is a smart cutting machine. It has the form-factor of a desktop printer, and is capable of a wide range of crafting activities, with the primary focus being on cutting materials with incredible accuracy. However, the device is also capable of engraving, drawing, and even transferring foils to other materials.

We said this was the best cutting tool on the market for a number of reasons, one of which is the versatility it affords your craft projects. You can achieve a lot in a short space of time thanks to the convenience of a cutting machine, especially so with Cricut's stamp of excellence plastered on the front of the device.

Who Is the Cricut Maker 3 For?

It doesn't matter whether you've decided you just want to try your hand at making a few crafty pieces for your own living space, or you've decided to delve into the mug-making business with a Cricut Maker 3 and the Cricut Mug Press. Cricut is for everyone! If you want the convenience of a professional cutting device in the home, then the Cricut Maker 3 is just what you need.

The device can cut a massive range of materials, from wood to leather (it can even deal with bonded fabrics), so no matter what kind of crafter you are, the likelihood is you'll find plenty of use for the Cricut Maker 3.

Time to Get Creative!

The only limitation of the Cricut Maker 3 is your imagination. So, let it run wild and grab yourself an amazing deal on Cricut's smart cutter, now!

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