The 8 Best Subscription Boxes for Your Dog

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Besides being a fun delivery to look forward to each month, subscription boxes are also a great way to automate repeat tasks. These boxes can even be a convenient way to introduce variety into your and your pet’s life.

As far as dog subscriptions go, you can now subscribe to a delivery of virtually anything pet-related, from treats and toys to dental supplies and even flea and tick treatments.

Here, we'll look at eight of the best subscription boxes for dogs so that you can find the perfect one for your furry friend.

1. RescueBox

If you love the idea of joining a doggy subscription service, but feel sorry for all the dogs out there who won’t experience this luxury, then you should consider subscribing to RescueBox.

Each RescueBox contains at least five premium pet products worth over $ 40 in value. Every month, the theme of your RescueBox will change. But what really sets RescueBox apart is that with each RescueBox you receive, you’re also feeding 142 hungry shelter animals.

While setting up your RescueBox subscription, you’re asked to select the size of your dog to ensure that all toys are suitable. There’s even a RescueBox for cats too!

2. The Farmer’s Dog

If you’re searching for a healthier alternative to conventional dog kibble, then The Farmer’s Dog could be the subscription for you. The Farmer’s Dog was founded by two dog lovers who were fed up with buying highly processed kibble and wanted to reimagine dog food.

Working closely alongside vet nutritionists, The Farmer’s Dog was able to create balanced, fresh dog food that’s not only delicious and nutritious for dogs, but is actually safe for humans to eat too!

With a Farmer’s Dog subscription, there’s no need to worry about running low on dog food because everything your pet needs will be delivered to your door. It’s as simple as that.

3. Bark Super Chewer

If you have a dog that manages to destroy everything it chews, then you may be interested in the Super Chewer box brought to you by the makers of BarkBox.

Only the toughest and most durable toys and chews make it into your Super Chewer subscription, making this box perfect for larger dogs or those who just love to sink their teeth into things.

Every Super Chewer box comes with two tough toys, two full bags of treats, and two meaty chews, with an emphasis on durability. If your dog has any allergies, then there’s the option to omit treats and chews containing chicken, beef, or turkey.

If a toy isn’t challenging enough for your dog, then Bark will replace it 100 percent free of charge.

4. Bark Bright Dental

Bark Bright Dental is another great subscription service brought to you by the BarkBox team. Many doggy parents don’t realize how important it is to look after their pet’s dental hygiene, resulting in more than 80 percent of dogs having periodontal disease by the age of three.

While you may not want to use your latest smart toothbrush on your dog, the good news is, with a Bark Bright subscription, it’s easy to stay on top of daily dental treatment.

You’ll receive a month’s supply of dental chews and triple-enzymatic toothpaste–simply squeeze a line of toothpaste onto the chew and let your dog do the rest. Say goodbye to bad breath and tartar, and hello to fresh teeth and healthy gums.

5. Poochperks

Poochperks is a flexible doggy subscription service. If a monthly subscription is a little too expensive for you, then with Poochperks, you can purchase a one-off box or set up your subscription on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

When setting up your subscription, you can choose to receive a mix of toys and treats or a toys-only or treat-only option.

There are a couple of different sized Poochperks boxes to choose from. These include a smaller Popular Pooch subscription, containing two toys, two bags of treats, and one chew, and a larger Pampered Pooch box subscription which contains three to four toys, three treat bags, two chews, dog poop bags, and an accessory.

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6. BoxDog

If you want to be able to choose specific items for each of your subscription boxes, then BoxDog is for you. This subscription allows you to select from a range of products each month. With a variety of handmade treats, vegan skincare, toys, gear, and gadgets to choose from; you’ll never get bored.

While BoxDog is a little more expensive than some other boxes on this list, its products sit firmly in the premium bracket, there are monthly and quarterly plans available to make the subscription more affordable.

If you want to avoid subscribing to a BoxDog subscription but would still like to get your hands on some of its cookies or cakes, then you can also purchase these separately.

7. BullyMake

If you have a strong chewer on your hands, then BullyMake is another great subscription box to consider.

Each BullyMake box contains two or three tough chew toys and three delicious treats. If you don’t want any treats in your box, then the toy-only option contains four or five tough toys instead.

If your dog does manage to destroy a BullyMake toy, then don’t worry because you’re covered by the BullyMake guarantee. Just take a picture of the toy, and it'll ship you a different toy for free. The company also offers to replace toys that your dog just isn’t satisfied with.

8. The Dapper Dog Box

Last up on this list, we have The Dapper Dog Box, which is the perfect subscription for dog owners who enjoy bandanas. With a Dapper Dog Box subscription, you’ll receive a gorgeous limited edition bandana every month, alongside high-quality dog treats, chews, or toys.

To keep things interesting, each Dapper Dog Box is curated to fit a theme, and if you can’t grow your bandana collection quick enough, there’s also the option to shop for bandanas and treats on its website.

When signing up for a Dapper Dog Box subscription, you’ll be able to customize your box by your dog’s size, their food preferences, and whether they are a strong chewer.

Doggy Essentials Delivered to Your Door

Subscription boxes are a great way to stay on top of your day-to-day doggy essentials, and also provide enrichment and variety to support your training.

If you can’t decide which subscription to choose, then don’t be afraid to try them out one at a time. Most subscription boxes can be canceled at any time and so long as you choose a month-by-month subscription model.

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