4 Remote Work Lessons to Boost Your Productivity in the Future Too

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Working from home means saving time on traveling to meetings and even an escape from the distractions of the office. So, whether you are returning to the workplace or you’re still working remotely, here are some productivity lessons you can use going forward.

Zoom Isn't Always the Best Option

While Zoom and other video conferencing apps are great for meeting remotely with others, it might not always be the best option. Too much screen time can cause eye strain and screen fatigue, and if you are working exclusively from a computer, this can impact your ability to focus.

Older technology still has its place, and they are just as quick and convenient as newer connectivity apps. For example, instead of using Zoom when you want to catch up with someone, try stepping away from the screen and use the phone to call them instead. You won't have to worry about muting someone or how you look on video, and it also gives your eyes a break.

Take Regular Breaks for Productivity

One thing you might have noticed while remote working is your ability to power through your workday without interruption. This is great if you have a deadline to meet, but continuous working can cause reduce your concentration over time.

It takes a lot of effort to keep yourself on task for long periods of time. However, you can work for longer with better results by ensuring that you schedule time into your day to take breaks.

One way to do this is the Pomodoro Method, which states that you should focus on your work for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, and repeat. It can make you feel more motivated and help your brain recharge.

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Get Into the Habit of Collaboration

Remote working showed the world that collaborating online is possible from anywhere today. Your colleagues can access your work, and you can stay organized with the help of the cloud even if you are on the move. These collaborative work habits will keep benefiting you even if your future weeks are split between the home and the office.

Remember, communicating via e-mail or chat removes body language and tone. Your messages may not carry the correct intentions. The habits of clear writing or texting via any digital app can help you finetune your communication skills even when you quit remote work.

Keep Working on Time Management

Time blocking is an invaluable skill to ensure that you stay focused on your work and complete your to-do list. Instead of reacting to what comes up in your workday, prioritizing time to plan ahead at the start of your day or week can give you clarity. If you are working between your home and the office, Todoist is an application that allows you to utilize this skill on the go.

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Similarly, you can use an online calendar like Google Calendar to plan a week or two in advance so that you and your colleagues know what to expect. Doing this also has the added bonus of effectively manage your time between tasks.

To share your calendar with others, just go to Share Calendar on your toolbar. A window will pop up and on the Permissions tab, simply choose the level of detail you would like others to see.

Remote Working: Lessons Learned

So, with all of that in mind, what has remote working taught us? With so many different ways of working now, it's important to find out what suits you the best; if something isn't right for you, try different workflows and see what sticks.

Regardless of where or how you are working, the tips discussed here can help you to strike a balance and make working in any environment feel seamless.

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