Assemble an Amazing Discount on AndaSeat’s Avengers Gaming Chairs

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Looking to add some comic book flair to your gaming room? Well, you’re in luck, because AndaSeat is bringing the Avengers in to make sure you’re sitting in comfort, and you can get a fairly hefty discount, too.

Get 50% Off an AndaSeat Marvel Gaming Chair, Now…

AndaSeat is well-known for its collaborative gaming chairs, with previous crossovers including world famous eSports gaming team, Fnatic.

Now, the elite gaming chair brand has joined forces with Marvel, bringing four iconic super heroes to your gaming rig, and you can get an enormous 50% each chair’s MSRP.

Simply follow the links below, and enter the coupon code MARVEL at checkout to claim your discount…

So, there we have it, four heroes ready to take down Ultron, all from the comfort of your gaming room.

These deals are only in place until August 8th 2021, so you’ll have to summon all your purchasing superpowers and get there faster than the Flash (hang on… wrong universe…) Quicksilver if you want to benefit from the discount.

Why Do You Need a Gaming Chair?

We highly recommended a proper throne for gaming, as it offers support where you need it most. So, unless you game on your sofa (like many people), you’ll definitely benefit from a gaming chair.

This is particularly true if you endure prolonged gaming sessions. These can take a real toll on your body if you’re sat in an awkward position. So, the right amount of support is critical. You don’t want to lose your competitive edge because you’ve got a sore back or your shoulders are on fire.

AndaSeat’s Marvel gaming chairs come with memory foam cushions, adjustable arm rests, neck and lumbar support, and you can recline them between 90 and 160 degrees.

This means you can adjust it to suit the angle of your display, so no more craning your neck to view your screen properly; a real boon if you’ve mounted your monitor or TV on the wall.

The seats are eminently comfortable. Take it from this writer, who is currently sitting in the AndaSeat Marvel Ant Man gaming chair as he writes this article (review coming soon).

You also get a cool chair mat with each one, and it displays the character your chair represents while protecting your floor from the wheels. It also stops you rolling around the room if you have wooden flooring.

Plus, which comic fan doesn’t want something this cool in their gaming room? For fans of the Marvel Comics and Cinematic Universe, these Avengers gaming chairs can make a really nice centerpiece among your other Marvel bounty.

Are You a Marvel Fan?

If so, we’re sure you’re frantically scrambling to grab your wallet and take advantage of AndaSeat’s gaming chair offers. If only you had some web slingers to fetch it for you!

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