Battlefield 2042 Cheats Are Already Being Sold Online

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The latest title in the longstanding Battlefield series is set to launch in October 2021—and hackers are already selling exploits for the unreleased multiplayer shooter.

A website is advertising cheats, including aimbots, radar, and wallhacks for Battlefield 2024, despite the fact the game is more than a month from release.

Furthermore, the only official playtesting so far was conducted with a very limited number of select players, who were granted around 18 hours' worth of testing to get to grips with and deliver feedback on the new title.

Crackers Allegedly Develop Cheats for Unreleased Battlefield 2042

The website, spotted by CharlieIntel, is apparently offering undetectable hacks for Battlefield 2042.

The website (hosting the cheats) also claims to have over 1.2 million customers, none of whom have been caught using cheats available from this site.

Furthermore, the cheaters claim to be able to update their hacks "the second a new patch comes out from the developer."

Battlefield games have a long-standing history of cheating. Recent versions of the game have been beset with online cheaters, destroying any chance of a fair game with competitors of an equal skill level.

We've even seen professional gamers cheating at the highest level of competition, with cheaters uncovered multiple times in high-level Battlefield tournaments.

That's not to say that Battlefield is the only top-tier FPS title affected by cheating. Call of Duty, CS:GO, Fortnite, and all other professional-level first-person shooters experience cheating from time to time.

The biggest difference, in this case, is that for Battlefield 2042, the cheats are apparently already available, and there is no way to stop the cheaters. The game-breaking cheats already exist, so multiplayer gaming in Battlefield 2042 might already be broken.

Will You Still Buy Battlefield 2042?

EA is banking on you buying the latest Battlefield. There is little doubt that Battlefield 2042 will become an excellent game with a substantial following.

Furthermore, so long as rampant cheating goes unchecked and companies like EA and Activision fail to address the actual issues affecting their games, like cheating and hacking across all levels, then surely no one will take them seriously.

Of course, we already know that the situation above is a falsehood. No matter how much cheating and hacking EA eradicates from Battlefield, crackers will always find another way around the restrictions.

The development of gaming cheats has always been like this. Cheat codes and cheat drives existed long before the internet.

The only difference now is that someone cheating in your lobby in your favorite FPS can become the difference between you reaching the Battlefield multiplayer finals and someone else who took the dive and compromised their integrity.

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