Here Are the 6 Best Android and iPhone Apps for ASMR Lovers

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ASMR is running rampant across the internet and has recently become a YouTube sensation. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and refers to the relaxing, tingly sensation you experience in response to specific sounds and illustrations.

There are millions of channels and videos out there dedicated to ASMR sounds, like whispering, eating, writing, etc. Along with many videos and channels has come a surge of popularity in ASMR apps. How cool would it be to have your favorite ASMR sounds just a tap away?

Let's check out the best ASMR Android and iPhone apps on the market.

1. Tingles

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This app offers more than just pleasure. It aims to help people struggling to fall asleep by providing them with a means to overcome their restlessness and anxiety. It also claims to help with meditation and increase focus as some of its many therapeutic benefits.

Tingles includes audio and video relaxation guides based on the ASMR technique to trigger a feeling called "the tingles." There are more than 1500 creators currently on the app who provide you with daily recommended videos. You can listen to the audio with the screen turned off if you like.

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Tingles has an in-built sleep timer to record your sleeping pattern. The timer will function as an alarm and help you get up when you want to, with an option for extending the timer for up to 30 minutes for that extra kick of sleep we all love.

The best part is that you can download videos and play them offline whenever you want to. Talk about easy access to your favorite ASMR, no matter where you are.

Download: Tingles for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. TeasEar

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TeasEar claims to be the perfect distraction to escape reality and dive into sensory paradise. It offers a unique experience where you can select textures and substances and emulate their sounds to help you relax.

All you have to do is choose a texture, touch the screen, and tap, slide, or scratch to experience the soothing sounds of that particular texture. Some of the most popular textures include yogurt, honey, and confetti. You can even play with slime and foam if you want to.

The app also lets you create your own virtual slime for free. You get to choose a foundation, add consistency agents, add decorations, and set your vibration level. Your slime is ready and good to go.

The app has a three-day trial period before you can begin with a subscription of your choice. If you want access to the Premium TeasEar features, you can opt for a plan of $ 7.99 per week or $ 24.99 per month. The app is currently available only for iOS.

Download: TeasEar for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. ASMR Slicing

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You've probably seen a lot of satisfying object-cutting clips on your social media timelines and wished you could do it yourself too. This game provides you with the opportunity to do so virtually.

ASMR Slicing is an amazingly satisfying kinetic sand-cutting game. AMSR is taken to a whole new level as you not only experience gratifying sounds but rewarding visuals to go with it as well. It's not designed to help you fall asleep or reduce anxiety, but rather to help you relax and have a good, restful time.

What makes it all the more interesting is the ability to level up in the app. The more you play, the more gold you gather, and the more objects you unlock to cut. Objects to cut are made out of sand. The game will soothe your mind, promote a calm sensation, and keep you involved for ages.

Download: ASMR Slicing for iOS | Android (Free)

4. ASMRtist

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An aesthetic, dark layout is one of the many things to love about this app. ASMRtist is another iPhone-only app designed to help you overcome your insomniac traits and put you to sleep. The app and its features are completely free.

ASMRtist has 36 ASMR sounds to choose from, including crumpling paper and bonfire. There is a shuffle mode, so you can close your eyes and relax while the app plays sounds on its own. A countdown timer for falling asleep is also available.

What makes it better than other video-playing apps? You can even listen while your iPhone screen is locked. How cool is that?

Get ASMRtist on your phone, plug in your headphones, close your eyes, and let it put you to sleep.

Download: ASMRtist for iOS (Free)

5. ASMR Breakfast

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Okay, who doesn't love food? One of the most popular ASMR types out there right now is food ASMR. And this app is surprisingly good at showing you that making breakfast is an immensely pleasurable task.

The aim here is to make breakfast while avoiding wastage of food by refraining from spilling. You are challenged to prepare a perfect meal, and the job almost makes you forget your real-world troubles to help you relax.

As soon as you level up, you're provided with an even more challenging dish to prepare. Get some cooking therapy with ASMR Breakfast without actually creating a mess in the kitchen. What's even better is that the app is entirely free to use.

Download: ASMR Breakfast for iOS | Android (Free)

6. Soap Cutting

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Soap Cutting ASMR is one of many oddly satisfying smartphone apps out there. Cutting and carving soap is an activity that people often find enticing, but difficult and messy. Here's your chance to get to experience it virtually with an ASMR app.

As the name implies, the app is pretty straightforward. You can cut and carve different soaps to your liking in a realistic manner. As you cut, you can discover and unlock different prizes, like new knives and figurines. The app also has very few ads so that you can play without much interruption.

Download: Soap Cutting for iOS | Android (Free)

Enjoy Your Favorite ASMR Across Multiple Mobile Apps

Millions of people around the world use ASMR to help relieve stress and improve sleep quality. Apart from numerous health benefits, it's also an extremely satisfying hobby, and some people find it very addictive.

Many apps and games are now available to fulfill all your ASMR desires. You can find whole libraries with ASMR sounds, slicing and cutting, and even ASMR cooking on your mobile devices. Take your pick from a wide range and dive into a peaceful state of mind.

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