Netflix has canceled The Punisher and Jessica Jones, its last remaining Marvel TV shows. This effectively brings the Marvel Netflix Universe to an end. However, a statement from Marvel itself suggests this won’t be the last time we see these characters on TV. The Rise and Fall of The Marvel Netflix Universe Comic book characters

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One of the coolest inventions in the home theater space is the soundbar. They allow you to get high-quality sound without the wires and space needed for a traditional surround sound system. LG is one of the companies that consistently push the envelope in terms of what home theater systems can offer, and its latest line

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Twitter has something of a reputation as a haven for trolls. The social media platform has also been heavily criticized over the years for the way it deals with these trolls, and other people who harass and hate on individuals. But things are improving. Since the start of 2017, Twitter has made a concerted effort

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The Halloween season is best known for nightmare-inducing horror films, but there are frightening TV shows worth watching too. With the TV horror genre on the rise, you can now scare yourself on a weekly basis—or binge-watch a scary series in a weekend. Keep in mind that most series are still limited by the restrictions

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Watching TV shows on your smartphone may not sound like a good idea, but more people are doing exactly that. Whether it’s YouTube videos or Netflix Originals, people seem happy to watch video content on their slightly-too-small smartphone screen. This has led Snapchat to commission original programming for its platform. And shows such as ESPN’s

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Plex Adds Free On-Demand Web Shows

Thursday, 04 October 2018 by

Plex is adding web shows to its lineup of content. This means that anyone with a Plex account can watch web shows on the Plex app. All for free, and all on demand. Plex Web Shows is currently in beta, but already has a good selection to choose from. While Plex may be best known

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